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Crypto Scoop: Bitcoin and Ether take a hit, Coinbase to go public

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How to store your Crypto with Yellow Card

Crypto Scoop: Bitcoin, Ether reach new ATHs

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How to use a Bitcoin wallet 

A Bitcoin wallet is a software or hardware device that is used to store Bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets are usually encrypted with private and public keys that ensure that the Bitcoins stored in the wallet are only accessible to the owner of the wallet.

Crypto Scoop: Tesla buys Bitcoin, BTC reaches new ATH

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Why Ethereum may outperform Bitcoin in 2021

The massive boom in cryptocurrency has seen the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies rise above the $1 trillion in 2021. Bitcoin and Ethereum represent half of the total market cap with $696,532,174,239 and $189,263,466,596 respectively.

Crypto Scoop: Bitcoin and Ether transaction fees skyrocket as prices rise

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The future of Blockchain Technology in Africa

The emergence and adoption of blockchain technology over the years have sparked much interest in what promises lies within the notable invention. Cryptocurrencies are well-known as the poster child of this revolutionary invention.

Crypto Scoop: Grayscale to launch DeFi Trusts

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5 DeFi projects making waves in 2021

If you are an avid follower of all things blockchain then you’ve probably heard about the emerging industry called DeFi. With its ecosystem growing massively from $4 billion to over $14 billion between July and November of 2020, it’s no wonder it is on the lips of everyone.

Stablecoin adoption rises as bitcoin price fluctuates

For beginners in the Bitcoin space, there is a term you should be conversant with, and that is volatility.

Crypto Scoop: ETH reaches new ATH, Bitcoin dip continues

Bitcoin soars as cryptocurrency adoption increases

The past few weeks have marked a notable increase in the price of Bitcoin, and yet it continues to rise as the days progress. These remarkable gains have increased the wealth of several investors who have over the weeks become millionaires as well as billionaires.

3 effective active trading strategies for crypto traders

Trading cryptocurrency comes with several trading styles.

How to make money from Yellow Card Referral Program

Yellow Card Launches VIP Program

2020 was an amazing year for us at Yellow Card!

Introducing the New Yellow Card

We’ve got great news!

Crypto Scoop: Bitcoin continues bull run in 2021

Year in Retrospect: Bitcoin and Crypto Journey (2020)

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a remarkable year for all crypto lovers and bitcoin hodlers. The year started on a good note and is ending on an even higher note!

3 easy ways to make money with cryptocurrency

The hype around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2020 has drawn many to the crypto world. And the important question on a lot of people’s minds remains, “how can I make money with Bitcoin?”